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Digital marketing or online marketing encompasses all those advertising and commercial actions and strategies that are executed in the media and internet channels. This phenomenon has been applied since the s as a way of transferring offline marketing techniques to the digital universe. Parallel to the tremendous development and evolution of digital technologyonline marketing has been experiencing, progressively and very quickly.

There has been profound changes both in the techniques and tools used.

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And in the possibilities offered to the recipients. In the beginning, online marketing was based on web pages 1. The advertising companies totally controlled the message and were limited to expose it to the audience. To Write for Usyou can email us at contact computertechreviews. Computer Tech Reviews blog posts are very well researched and written in a professional manner.

We cover the following topics in digital marketing stream:. We accept well researched articles on digital marketing trends.

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If you are digital guru and want to share your thoughts through our blog. You are most welcome to Computer Tech Reviews. We request our contributors to share their genuine experience and thoughts in the articles. We appreciate our contributors for educating our audience with your thought leadership.

Digital Marketing has various channels of marketing. We have listed few of the key channels of digital marketing which are in boom these days. You can send your article to contact computertechreviews. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Subscribe Now.

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Trending News. Digital Marketing Write for Us Digital marketing or online marketing encompasses all those advertising and commercial actions and strategies that are executed in the media and internet channels. How to Submit Your Articles? Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews — Digital Marketing Write for Us Search Terms Bloggers use for Digital Marketing Write for Us guest poster wanted accepting guest posts writers wanted articles wanted guest author send a tip write for us guest post submit post This post was written by guest article contributing writer become a contributor submit guest post guest post courtesy of contributor guidelines author bio guest posting guidelines suggest a post submit an article guest column submit content guest author contributing writer submit news want to write for submit blog post contribute to our site Search Terms Related to Digital Marketing Write for Us Digital Marketing has various channels of marketing.

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Web Tech Mantra. Table of Contents. Web Tech Mantra is a team with a lot of experience and research on the digital world, how a website can be useful to the internet users, we studied, analyzed and presented here.

We are entirely fascinated with the technologyand we are living our life's with the newly updated technology for 8 years.We practice digital marketing every day and we still want to learn from you. Do you consider yourself an innovator? Have you scored some amazing accomplishments in the field of digital marketing this year? Write about your stunning conversion rates, your success with real-time bidding, or other areas where you could be considered an authority on the subject.

If so, we want to hear from you. Chatter Buzz posts are well-researched and provide smart, innovative, engaging advice on a wide range of digital marketing topics, including:.

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write for us digital marketing

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Digital Marketing. Marketing professionals who practiced traditional ways to advertise or promote a brand have now shifted to the digital world. Digital marketing has now become a trend, and many are clinging into this practice to increase awareness of their brand. Digital marketing has grown from a simple blog post to what we see now, like social media, SEO, content marketing, and so on.

It has expanded and adapted into what society is today. The changes and advancement of modern marketing techniques become exhausting. However, this is impossible to achieve. What do they have to do to achieve their goal in such a short amount of time? Now, there are tools created to lighten the burden for digital marketing teams. It has a lot of benefits that can help people working in the field of marketing.

Although all of these software apps have one thing in common, they still have features unique from one another. If you are starting with your career as a digital marketing expert or planning to promote your business online, here are tools you can trust to help you. One of the most popular tools in digital marketing is HubSpot. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from other inbound marketing tools.

For its Marketing feature, it helps users to grow their business by driving traffic to the site, create an effective campaign, and convert visitors to paying customers. It offers services to help businesses connect with their customers and bring them what they want.

You can also easily monitor the progress of each team member. Since Trello is also a cloud-based app, you can sync your work to any device, and you can manage it even outside of the office. Trello has a free plan that allows as many as ten team boards to use the software. With the increase in numbers of mobile phone users, more and more people use social media in their daily lives. We spend about 2 hours and 33 minutes per day scrolling through social media. Tools like Hootsuite are helpful for digital marketing teams.

It allows automated scheduling on multiple social media platforms. Furthermore, Hootsuite also tracks the performance of each post, follow trending topics, allows collaboration, and integration of other apps. If you are looking to get into influencer marketing, BuzzSumo is a tool for your team.

It helps users to search for the appropriate influencer to promote their brand. Besides touching on influencer marketing, you can monitor your posts, comments, and prepare for your next campaign. You can also use BuzzSumo to search on what your competitors are up to or search for the latest trend or content. Digital marketing is more than creating content or promoting a brand.

Asana is a management tool that can be used by marketing teams to track the progress of each member. MailChimp allows automated email scheduling, tracking of campaign performance, testing of campaigns, and personalization of emails. For businesses that are getting started, MailChimp has a free plan.

But if you want to maximize the feature of MailChimp, premium plans are available. Communicating via email seems to be a dragging task. Sometimes it gets piled with other messages that you forget to check on it.

But now, there is an easy way to communicate with your team members. Slack is a software you can use to communicate with other members of your team. You can assign channels for a specific project for members involved in that project can communicate with one another.Got something to say? The people who write for us are a mixture of battle hardened digital marketing veterans, graduate recruitment experts and digital marketing graduates and first jobbers.

We write on a number of topics all designed to make life easier for a recent graduate who is looking to work in digital. If you have experience that could help someone else, or your have a story to tell please get in touch. The topics we write on are:. We all have to start somewhere Your Job Search How can you get a grad job in digital marketing? Your job search, from how to structure your CV and cover letter, to how to ace your first job interview. Get specific marketing career advice here.

Digital Marketing Digital marketing tips, knowledge and experience from digital marketing pros. You will find plenty of useful insights from battle-hardened veterans who know their stuff. Topics in this category reflect the type of training we provide and may include:.

And more! Tools and resources Your online toolbox for digital marketing amongst a world of confusing job titles and industry jargon. A focus on practical advice — your tips and advice are great, but real-life examples and case studies are even better. Your personal experiences and stories go a long way to helping graduates really understand what they need to do.

Absolutely no jargon Graduates with little to no experience of the marketing industry will not understand industry lingo and jargon, so we always edit any out and provide simple explanations where necessary. Keep it simple The language we use is simple, conversational and approachable.

We want our readers to feel at home and thrive, not struggle to understand. They are after all beginners. Up-to-date Things in digital marketing change so rapidly that we insist on advice being up-to-date and accurate. Visual appeal We include at least one picture with every post. If your post is a step by step guide or is instructional including pictures is a must! Heck, you can go all out and even add a video if you fancy! You get to put your brand, your business and your point of view in front of students and graduates who are specifically looking to work in digital marketing.

This is a great way to promote your brand, reach a new audience and grow your following. All content submitted is given the once over by our editor to make sure it meets the guidelines above. If we have any issues with it we will contact you by email.

Graduates Start your career in tech Sign-up to make confident career decisions. Search jobs in tech and media Search jobs Graduate jobs, internships and placements. Start hiring Run an efficient not disjointed hiring process. What we write about. How we write. What do you get? Every article we publish also has these benefits: A clear byline. A link back to your site in every article. Social media tweets, posts and pins.If you're looking for something different to do with your family then I highly recommend the Traditional Christmas in the North tour.

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